Killbros SeedVeyor Seed Tenders

Killbros Seedveyor Seed Tender Surveyor Filling Planter


  • Dual compartment box with 260- or 360-unit seed capacity
  • Steep-sloped sidewalls ensure fast and complete unloading
  • Standard Weatherguard roll-over tarp protects the contents from adverse weather.


  • Conveyor features a 6″ tube with an 8″ cleated belt or an 8″ tube with a 12″ cleated belt to gently carry seed at speeds up to 12 or 25 bushels per minute, respectively.
  • 180° conveyor swing
  • Winch-controlled height adjustment for unloading ease
  • Powered by a 5.5 hp/160cc (6″ conveyor) or 9 hp/270cc (8″ conveyor) Honda gas engine with electric start and centrifugal clutch direct-drive system for quickest response.
  • Patented brush seal on conveyor inlet prevents seed from back-feeding
  • Removable bottom door on conveyor allows for complete cleanout
  • Conveyor locks into the transport position at either front or back

Undercarriage and Transport

  • Heavy-duty SeedVeyor undercarriage offers durable steel construction, rubber-cushioned suspension, triple axles and electric brakes on the model 360, tandem dual axles and electric brakes on the model 260.
  • Highway-rated tires, lights, reflectors, 2 5/16″ ball hitch and transport chain

Controls and Convenience

  • Regulate conveyor speed by simply adjusting engine speed
  • Easy-opening slide doors with rubber funnel regulates seed flow into the conveyor and prevents overflow
  • Dual viewing windows for easily monitoring contents during loading and unloading
  • Easy-to-operate on-off controller with strong magnet that attaches to conveyor when not in use


Talc and Graphite Applicator Scale Monitor Spare Tire Option 2 Function Wireless Remote

  • Electronic scale package with large screen for easy viewing
  • T&G applicator for easily applying talc and graphite to your seed
    • Mounts to conveyor intake
    • Internal agitator keeps talc flowing
    • Flow-control valve for easy rate adjustment
  • Spare tire package
  • 10′, three-stage telescopic downspout for additional reach and filling convenience
  • Gooseneck, Pintle, or Clevis hitch options
  • Electric lift/lower for conveyor
  • 2-Function Wireless Remote controls conveyor on/off and when equipped with optional electric winch also controls raise and lower.  Includes wrist strap for easier control.


Description Model 260 Model 360
A Overall Length with Bumper Hitch 23ft-5" 24ft-5"
A Overall Length with Gooseneck Hitch 24ft-6" 25ft-6"
B Overall Width Transport 8ft-6" 8ft-6"
C Overall Height Transport 9ft-11" 10ft-11"
D Overall Load Height 9ft-3" 10ft-3"
E Box Length 12ft 12ft
F Box Width 8ft 8ft
G Box Height 8ft-1" 9ft-1"
H Box Load Height 7ft-5" 8ft-5"
I Box Base Length 9ft-4" 9ft-4"
J Box Base Width 5ft 5ft
K Undercarriage Length 18ft-5" 21ft
L Overall Length Past the Hitch 20ft-5" 22ft-6"
M Undercarriage Deck Height 1ft-10" 1ft-10"
N Undercarriage Under Frame Clearance 1ft-2" 1ft-2"
O Conveyor Height in Transport Position 6ft-10" 6ft-10"
P Conveyor Maximum Unload Height 12ft-6" 12ft-6"
Q Conveyor Reach at Maximum Unload Height 12ft-5" 12ft-5"
R Conveyor Minimum Unload Height 6ft-10" 6ft-10"
S Conveyor Reach at Minimum Unload Height 14ft-8" 14ft-8"
Approximate Empty Weight 4,720 lbs 5,610 lbs
Loaded Tongue Weight 600 lbs 760 lbs
Hitch Type Standard/Optional 2 5/16" Ball / 3" Pintle 2 5/16" Ball / 3" Pintle
Lighting Connector 7 Pin Flat 7 Pin Flat
Standard Downspout Reach ( 2-Stage Spout ) 30ft ( 12 Row Planter ) 30ft ( 12 Row Planter )
Maximum Downspout Reach ( 3-Stage Spout ) 40ft ( 16 Row Planter ) 40ft ( 16 Row Planter )


Seed Tender
Seed Tender