We offer a complete line of rate controllers and GPS units. Are most common models are made by TeeJet or Raven. Specifications for both are listed below. Please contact us with questions or for pricing.

TeeJet Matrix 430


The compact Matrix 430 is an easy to use, low cost, graphical guidance system ideal for first-time users. The full-color, touchscreen display allows the operator to efficiently navigate fields with minimal skips and overlaps in coverage.


• Versatile GNSS guidance in a compact, portable package
• High-contrast, full-color, 4.3 in / 110 mm graphic touchscreen display provides superior visibility in bright light conditions
• Full time, on screen numeric display of cross-track error with user selectable display of two additional parameters including: worked area, worked time and ground speed
• High-quality, internal GPS/GLONASS engine with ClearPath technology that enhances GNSS performance in areas where reception is poor or in regions where SBAS differential correction is not readily available
• Optional RXA-30 antenna provides improved reception and noise rejection for situations where GNSS signals may be weak or partially obstructed
• Minimal setup needed before operating
• Guidance modes include: Straight AB, Curved AB, Circle Pivot, and Last Pass
• Return-to-point feature allows operator to easily resume jobs or mark field hazards
• Boundary function allows for easy and precise measurement of field area
• Implement ON/OFF status can be manually activated on screen for single or multiple sections or for single section only with status detect wire
• Applied alert provides operator with audible alarm when entering into previously applied areas
• Area counter measures and displays applied area throughout application
• Elapsed time counter measures amount of time spent on current job
• Simple reporting function provides coverage reports in .KML or .PDF format downloaded via USB port

How to Order

Part Number Description
GD430-GLO-P-B Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, Battery leads
GD430-GLO-P-C Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, COBO Connector
GD430-GLO-P-L Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, Patch Antenna, US lighter Connector
GD430-GLO-R30-B Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, Battery Leads
GD430-GLO-P-R30-C Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, COBO Connector
GD430-GLO-P-R30-L Kit, Matrix 430, GLONASS, RXA-30 Antenna, US Lighter Connector


Part Number Description
CG430-GLO Console, Matrix 430, GLONASS
45-05645 Cable, Power, US Lighter Adapter
45-05867 Cable, Power, COBO Adapter
45-05775 Cable, Power, Direct to Battery, 10 ft /3 m
65-05241 Kit, RAM Mount w/ Suction Cup
65-05179 Metal Mounting Plate (Also Requires 3 Velcro Strips #60-10081)
78-50190 Antenna, GPS Patch L1 with GLONASS
90-02720 Kit, RXA-30 Antenna with 20 ft / 6 m Cable
90-02721 Kit, RXA-30 Antenna with 30 ft / 9 m Cable

TeeJet CenterLine 220 GPS Guidance System

The compact CenterLine 220 is designed to let you profit from GPS lightbar guidance with any field operation. Inside the compact guidance system is a high-quality WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver and the guidance capabilities that make TeeJet leaders in lightbar guidance.

  • Versatile GPS guidance in a compact, portable package.
  • LED lightbar guidance plus a graphical display for complete guidance information.
  • High-quality, 5 Hz internal GPS engine with external antenna.
  • Simple setup gets you up and running in no time.
  • Straight-line (parallel) and curved AB guidance modes.
  • Integrated look-ahead functionality anticipates vehicle’s future position.
  • Return-to-point feature.
  • Durable, sealed rubber keypad is easy to see and provides good tactile feedback.
  • Provides RADAR-like speed signal output for use with other control systems that require a ground speed signal.

How to order:

 Part Number



  CenterLine 220 Kit, US Version


  CenerLine 220 Kit, Metric Version


  CenterLine 220 Kit, Autonomous Metric Version


  CenterLine 220 Kit, EGNOS



  Patch Antenna


  RAM Mount Kit for CenterLine 220


TeeJet Matrix Pro GS Guidance


Exlusive RealView® Guidance Over Video
Now you can have all the guidance information you need, watch what’s ahead and monitor various implement operations on a single console simultaneously for improved accuracy, easy validation of implement performance and reduced stress.
Advanced Swath and Rate Control Capabilities
Experience enhanced accuracy and more efficient product application with newly added functionality that enables automatic boom section control (ABSC) for dry spreaders and non-linear spray booms. Matrix Pro GS is compatible with third-party rate controls for prescription application and as-applied record keeping.
Complete User Control
You choose what you want to see – guidance over video, video only or guidance only. Choose the number of cameras based on your requirements – up to 8 cameras can be used.
Upgrade at Your Own Pace
Matrix Pro GS is auto steer and automatic boom section control (ABSC) ready. Enabling these features in the future is fast, easy and economical.

Droplet Size Monitoring – Another TeeJet Exclusive
Selecting the correct droplet size when spraying can have a huge impact on both the efficacy of your spraying and the potential for drift. Real time sensing and displaying of droplet size is now an available option with Matrix Pro GS. This feature gives you added confidence that you’re doing your best job while spraying.
Matrix Pro GS Feature Overview 
  • Create, save and recall boundaries and AB lines
  • Two-way data transfer
  • Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver
  • Upgrade compatibility to external receivers like RTK or OmniSTAR
  • Create permanent no spray zones
  • Advanced boom configurations setup allows for 2-dimensional automatic swath control; ideal for dry spreaders or for sprayers with non-linear spray boom arrangement
  • Third-party rate control capabilities allow for prescription application and as-applied mapping on Matrix Pro GS when used with a compatible rate control. Activation required

Matrix Pro GS Shows You So Much More

Multiple Guidance Modes 
Coverage Information 
Data and Mapping
  • Straight A-B
  • Curved A-B
  • Circle Pivot
  • Last Pass
  • NextRow


  • 1X covered area shown
    in blue
  • 2X+ coverage in red
    Coverage data from
    SmartCable/SDM and
    single (full swath)
    status-detect input
  • Section status is
    detected in active
    ABSC or manual
    section control 
  • View coverage data in
    several ways 
    • On-screen field
      review allows operator
      to review field for skips
      prior to departing
    • Zoom feature to see
      more detail
    • Pan feature to
      view more area

TeeJet Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Control


Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Control

Designed with simplicity in mind, Radion offers spraying advantages not found in other controllers. Simply set your target application rate and the  unique VisiFlo display on the controller helps select the right TeeJet tip for the application. Once spraying begins, the large display shows application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed, and area covered. Radion’s built-in planning tool automatically displays the available speed range for the target rate and spray tip that have been selected. This unique visual planning tool makes choosing the correct spray nozzle for an application a quick and simple task. Radion is available as an individual controller, or in a complete package with the valves, cables, and sensors needed to put together a total sprayer control system.

  • Large 4.3” color touch screen is packed with useful information, and is easy to view in both day and night conditions
  • Built-in Droplet Size Monitor Uses TeeJet 800 Series cables for quick hookup
  • Available with 5, 7 or 9 boom section switches plus master shutoff
  • TeeJet spray nozzle database is programmed into the Radion 8140, making tip selection quick and easy
  • Communication port for connection to external variable rate controls
  • Designed for direct connection to TeeJet Matrix® consoles for auto-sectioncontrol without extra devices
  • Tank level monitoring and automatic filling function

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXdrrv4dAi4

TeeJet 744E Sprayer Control

The TeeJet Technologies 744E Sprayer Controller is perfect for converting hitched sprayers and small-size trailer sprayers from manual valves to electric ball valves. The 744E is available as a complete kit equipped with a back-lit pressure gauge, active boom section LED indicator, and cable kit. The 430 Ball Valve Manifold (ordered separately) is an ideal match for the 744E and is available with a wide variety of inlet and outlet fittings to work perfectly with your sprayer.
  • Choice of 3- or 5- switch 744E Controller
  • Compatible with 430 Manifold, including Regulating Valve, 3-Way Ball Valves, Pressure Relief Valve and Strainer 
  • Back-lit pressure gauge for easy viewing in low light conditions 
  • Dual scale, 100 PSI (7 bar) pressure gauge
  • LED indication of active boom sections 
  • Kit includes harness for TeeJet 430 Ball Valves 

The 430 Ball Valve Manifold (ordered separately) is an ideal match for the 744E and is available with a wide variety of inlet and outlet fittings to work perfectly with your sprayer.


Raven Cruizer II



New to precision technology? Check out the Cruizer II which can make your life easier and less stressful. You get sophisticated guidance technology that’s simple and easy to use, with your choice of four field patterns. Weather resistant versions are also available for use in open cabs.


Use Slingshot® with Cruizer II™ RTK to turbo-charge your precision ag equipment software. You get unrivaled high-speed wireless connectivity, cellular-enabled technology, uninterrupted signals/data transfer, industry-leading wireless RTK connections and vehicle tracking. Slingshot® also gives you access to live remote support from Raven’s team of experts.


  • Color touch-screen display with 20+ languages
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency in a variety of operations – from tillage and seeding to spraying and harvesting
  • Cost-efficient RTK at its best with Cruizer II RTK
  • Bird’s-eye view and downfield 3D perspective for checking coverage and keeping you on line
  • Load/save A-B lines and jobs
  • Record field boundaries, coverage, applied acres and field markers
  • SHP (Shapefile) files, KML and bitmap files for enhanced record-keeping
  • Compatible with Slingshot’s RTK correction signals


Raven Control Consoles


Raven spray controllers have been setting the standard for outstanding performance and everyday reliability and operation for more than two decades. That same measure of excellence continues today in our full line of SCS consoles, specially designed to match your application needs reliably and economically.

Whether you start small or are looking for a spray console with more performance capability, you’re sure to find it in our product guide below. And when you’re ready for the next step, Raven has a multi-function field computer with your name on it and a simple way to help you make the transition with our handy Switch Pro control console.

CUSTOMER GUIDE for Raven SCS Spray Consoles
Spray Console Product Capability Product Forms Direct Injection Boom Control Boom Switches
SCS 4400™ 5 Products:
1 Hardwired,
4 via CANbus addition
Liquid Granular NH3 Sidekick Pro 10 Boom Sections Equipped with 7 switches
SCS 4600™ 5 Products:
1 Hardwired,
4 via CANbus addition
Liquid Granular NH3 Sidekick Pro 10 Boom Sections Remote switches required
SCS 5000™ 5 Products:
CANbus equipped
Liquid, Granular NH3 Sidekick Pro 10 Boom Sections Remote switches required & CAN nodes
SCS 440™ 1 Product Liquid NH3 Sidekick 3 Boom Sections Equipped with 3 switches
SCS 450™ 1 Product Liquid NH3 Sidekick 6 Boom Sections Equipped with 6 switches
SCS 460™ 1 Product Liquid NH3 Sidekick 7 Boom Sections Remote switches required
SCS 660™ 1 Product Liquid, Granular NH3 Sidekick 7 Boom Sections Remote switches required
SCS 660M™ 1 Product Liquid Granular NH3 Manure Sidekick 7 Boom Sections Equipped with Master switch


  • Simple operation
  • Low-limit function
  • Digital boom pressure read-out
  • Supports a variety of Flow Meters and Control Valves
  • Audible alarms
  • Self-test function
  • Rate bump features