CDS-John Blue Foam Marker


Foam Marker


  • Compressor is factory mounted on the tank
  • 118 ft. of liquid and air tubing
  • Air tube: 5/16″ diameter
  • Liquid tube: 1/4″ diameter
  • 15 ft. of cable to connect the remote switch to the compressor is supplied.
  • 6 ft. of power cable connects remote switch to power supply.


Model Boom Size Tank Size Gal. Refill Time (Max. Hrs.) Refill Time (Min. Hrs.) Max. Output Balls/Min. Min. Output Balls/Min. Foam Sprayer Nozzles
FM-150 Up to 100 ft. 15 5 7.5 23 17 2 Horizontal Switching


  • Foam nozzle extension: Used to generate small foam stripes.
  • 150 ft. of air and liquid tubing for booms larger than 100 ft.