The easyFlow is the first closed, contamination-avoiding and self-cleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products from sealed or non-sealed small PPP containers enabling the user to do partial or complete dosing. The easyFlow system is designed to fulfill all standards of environmental protection and operational safety today and in the future.













Tank Adapter – easyFlow

 Part Number EFTA55
  • Partial dosing possible if needed
  • Flow by gravity, no pump needed
  • Large diameters for quick flow
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wedge plates available to balance inclined tanks


Container Adapter – easyFlow



Part Number EFJA64
  • Fast and complete rinsing of empty plant protection product containers
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs required
  • Easy installation on all sprayer tanks and on most chemical inductors


Wedge Plate Kit – easyFlow

Part Number – EFWP71


easyFlow Kit 1

Part Number – EFBA02

Includes: 1 Tank Adaptor & 2 Container Adaptors

easyFlow Kit 2

Part Number – EF0376

Includes: 1 Tank Adaptor & 3 Container Adaptors