We offer 6 Ton and 8 Ton Dry Fertilizer Spreaders. Both are high clearance row crop spreaders. The 6 Ton unit has a 200 cubic ft capacity and the 8 Ton unit has a 270 cubic ft capacity. Specifications for both are listed below. Contact us for questions regarding our Dry Fertilizer Spreaders or for pricing.

Mobility 600 PTO Dry Fertilizer Spreader         Dry Fertilizer Spreader

6 Ton Dry Fertilizer Spreader8 Ton Dry Fertilizer Spreader
200 Cubic ft Capacity270 Cubic ft Capacity
Stainless Steel Box and GussetsStainless Steel Box and Gussets
Adjustable Heavy Duty Single Axle - 72" to 120"Adjustable Heavy Duty Single Axle - 78" to 120"
Heavy Duty 8-Bolt HubsHeavy Duty 10-Bolt Hubs
Gearbox Driven Dual Spinner Fans with Bolt-on BladesGearbox Driven Dual Spinner Fans with Bolt-on Blades
5000# Swivel Jack5000# Swivel Jack
2 Speed Conveyor Drive System2 Speed Conveyor Drive System
Safety Guard Around FansSafety Guard Around Fans
Hitch with Heavy Duty Safety ChainHitch with Heavy Duty Safety Chain
Heavy Duty Vinyl Fitted TarpHeavy Duty Vinyl Roll Tarp
Hydraulic On/Off for ConveyorHydraulic On/Off for Conveyor
Ground Clearance: 40" Under Spinners & 47" Under FrameGround Clearance: 40" Under Spinners & 47" Under Frame
Overall Height: 112" with 12.4 x 42" TiresOverall Height: 112" with 380 x 46" Tires
Overall Length: 203"Overall Length: 215"
Overall Width with 120" Track: 132" with 12.4 x 42" TiresOverall Width with 120" Track: 136" with 380 x 46" Tires
Additional OptionsAdditional Options
Tractor Hydraulic Powered SpinnersTractor Hydraulic Powered Spinners
540/1000 RPM PTO540/1000 RPM PTO
Variable RateVariable Rate
Scale Kit with MonitorScale Kit with Monitor
BP CAT 4-1-1/2-2 Bull Pull HitchBP CAT 4-1-1/2-2 Bull Pull Hitch
Light KitLight Kit